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Customer Online Payments

By August 23, 2022September 16th, 2022No Comments

As a dealership, you are always looking for ways to delight your customers and make it easier for them to do business with you. With our latest feature we give you exactly that! With Release you can now send a digital invoice to your customers for them to pay online. This helps you get paid faster for the customer who wants to pickup after you close. This gives you an easy way to collect payment from the customer you did dockside service while he was away. You no longer need to print an invoice, drop it in the mail and wait for them to call / mail payment.

This feature is included in your DealerRock DMS subscription and is activated once you connect your Stripe account in the settings area. From there you can easily send any register transaction to the customer for payment.

Online Payment Made Easy

1. Create Register Transaction

Create a normal register transaction. You can checkout a work order, add additional items or even include an account payment.

2. Send as Invoice

Once you get to the checkout summary page, select the “Take Payment” button. When selecting a Payment Type – select “Stripe – Send as Invoice”. A window will then open where you can enter the customer’s email, set a due date and even add an optional email note.

Click “Send” once complete.

The register transaction will save under the status of “Invoiced” in the Register History page.

3. Customer Email

Customer will receive an email with a link to review the invoice and pay online. They can now review the invoice and pay at their convenience online or via a cell phone.

4. Customer Payment

Once the customer clicks the link in the email they will be directed to a landing page that details out the invoice. They can print the invoice and pay the invoice online via credit card.

5. Complete

Once the customer pays they get a payment confirmation screen. The employee who issued the online invoice will get a system notification telling them that the transaction has been paid in full. The register transaction will now show as a “Paid” status in the register history screen.