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DealerRock is a cloud-based DMS that focuses on
simplicity using modern technology.

Run your boat dealership on our all-in-one, fully integrated platform. You will no longer need to manage leads in one place, your service department somewhere else and build sales quotes by hand. You’ve never had so much efficiency and simplicity with running your marine or rv dealership.

DealerRock is more than just a Dealer Management System — it’s a better way to run your dealership. Dealerships using DealerRock are more productive and deliver an enhanced customer experience. They communicate better and they’re far more efficient than before. Here’s how DealerRock makes it happen.

Platform Overiew

Register / Point-of-Sale

Sell your accessories, gear and parts with the integrated register. Easily track sales history, save transactions for later and email digital receipts right from the interface.

  • Assign transactions to customers or even companies
  • Easily search sales history logs
  • Utilize barcode scanning for quicker entry
  • Save transactions for later
  • Process returns
  • Check out on your mobile device
  • Record unit deposits or account payments

Inventory Management

Easily manage all of your accessories and parts in one place. The system even tracks sales history, stocking information and usage by the item. Organize by department and quickly see stocking information across multiple store locations.

  • Easily create or import items for sale
  • Track stock history
  • Create departments to track items and profitability in groups
  • See allocated items on Work Orders vs actual stock counts
  • Print labels for barcoding inventory

Lead Management

Lead management is completely built into the system. Capture your leads from events or shows, manage your interactions with those leads and track them through closing the sale. We can even auto capture your web-based leads directly into the system from sources like, and your website.

  • Input leads quickly using your mobile device
  • Track leads captured by event source
  • Track your leads from the moment they inquire through the final sale
  • Auto capture web leads from selected online listing sites like, or your website

Customer Management

DealerRock gives you Customer Relationship Management (CRM) so you get complete visibility of your customers. See real-time customer interactions by tracking every register sale, work order or unit sale through our fully integrated system. You can even manage important details around events they have attended, where they boat or what boat they may be interested in next.

  • Complete tracking of all transactions: sales receipts, work orders and even unit sales.
  • Manage account balances right from the customers account.
  • Easily email receipts direct from the platform
  • Track important details around family and interests
  • Track customers that even become leads, helping you close that next sale


Manage the receiving of your items by creating purchase orders and receiving vouchers right from DealerRock. We’ll help track incoming stock and manage inventory history – giving you inventory stock details to help run your dealership.

  • Create purchase orders
  • Generate receiving vouchers to help manage incoming stock
  • System automatically manages inventory asset levels with Quickbooks integration
  • Generate labels directly from items received

Major Units

Major Units are tracked from the day your receive it through every sale and transfer for years down the road, giving you full visibility on its history within your organization.

  • Track new units for sale separately from customer owned units
  • View stocking inventory with indicators for pending sales and aging inventory
  • Easily swap engines or trailers tied to units
  • View every work order ever completed from one place
  • Track ownership history as it moves from customer to customer
  • Set a unit image helping you quickly identify it in the field


Creating professional looking quotes on in-stock inventory or even customer ordered units has never been so easy! DealerRock will even track these quotes so you never have to worry about what you sent to the customer again. Quickly view where you are on the quote and make adjustments as needed with just a few clicks.

  • Finalized quotes are locked forever – eliminating the issue of not knowing which quote you sent and what adjustments were made
  • Copy quotes and make quick adjustment for that customer who wants to see pricing with different configurations
  • Use the option menu to quickly add options to a build – giving you accurate pricing with just a few clicks
  • Easily add additional charges, different tax amounts or discounts to generate numbers quickly


Convert your quotes into deals and manage your active deals all in one place. Creating a deal on a unit will mark inventory pending and allow you to generate contracting documents for closing the sale. Once complete the system automatically handles the transfer of ownership within system. We can even generate pre-filled state titling documents for you with the click of a button.

  • Generate deals directly from a quote – saving time and locking down units in the system from duplicate sales
  • Easily adjust numbers to account for things like taxes, fees or extended service contracts
  • Quickly generate documents for printing or email, including purchase agreements, terms and state title documents
  • Close out deals to transfer ownership and track ongoing sales within the company

Work Orders

Schedule, track and manage service work you perform in every aspect. You will absolutely love our simplified interface that makes tracking your service work simple. Eliminate paper by having techs update jobs using their mobile device and your entire organization has a real-time view of service at any moment.

  • Manage and track every work order by unit or customer
  • Easily view work order history
  • Track income by customer pay, warranty or even internal billing
  • Mobile friendly means your team can use phone or tables to instantly view, track or manage work order on the go
  • Perform remote service work and collect payment on the spot

Warranty Claims

Take the hassle of trying to manage warranty claims with your vendors. Every job that is marked for warranty payment is tracked in a separate warranty claim area. You’ll be able to create claims in the system and manage their status from submission all the way through payment. You’ll never miss submitting another claim.

  • Jobs marked warranty automatically get tracked in a separate claims management area
  • Easily manage the claims you submit though the entire process with the manufacturer
  • You’ll no longer lose track of a job that should have been submitted for warranty payment

Pickup Management

Track units that need to be picked up at a later time. When closing out a work order we’ll automatically track unit that will be picked up at a later date. This helps you manage what units are on the lot and when customers plan to pick them up. You’ll have much better visibility on units that are on site and when they are leaving.

  • Track units that plan to stay on site for later pickup
  • Leave notes or set pickup dates, notifying your team on when units will leave
  • Quickly view outstanding charges before marking pickup from one single screen


Get real-time data around your entire dealership with key reports. View reporting around unit sales, inventory on hand, orders, service, tech efficiency and more.

  • Quickly track sales through the register vs service
  • Track and report on technician efficiency
  • View inventory counts by model, location and price ranges
  • Pull needed parts based on work order jobs and inventory stock
  • Reference how often canned jobs are sold and yearly part usage


We partner with several industry-leading platforms the help extend the functionality of DealerRock DMS. These platforms give us the ability to offer a truly all-in-one dealer management system that eliminates the need for your staff to juggle between different systems.

Preferred Payments – Integrated Terminals & Online Payments

Our Preferred Payments integration facilitates direct communication between credit card terminals and the DealerRock platform, enhancing the efficiency of our straightforward checkout process. You’ll also be able to effortlessly invoice customers online through email or text, simplifying the business transaction process and providing added convenience for your customers! Learn more at

  • Integrated Credit Card Terminals
  • Mobile Payments
  • Online Invoicing

Stripe – Online and Mobile Payments

Our Stripe integration allows you take payments from anywhere. You can even send an invoice from the DealerRock platform directly to the customer where they can pay online at their convenience.

  • Mobile Payments
  • Online Invoicing

Twilio – SMS Messaging is Built In

You can send and receive text messages directly with your customers right from the platform. You can even share work orders to gain approval prior to scheduling service work.

  • Send / Receive SMS
  • Full logging of conversations
  • Send Work Orders estimates

Quickbooks – Accounting Made Easy

We take the hassle out of entering transactions into your Quickbooks accounting file. Our system will push your transactions to Quickbooks (online or desktop) in near real-time.

  • We support both Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop
  • Save time
  • Reduce errors
  • Eliminate double entry into your accounting system

Priority 1 – In-House Finance and Insurance

Want to offer in-house finance and insurance to your customers? We make it easy with our industry leading Priority 1 integration that helps provide your customers with an exceptional finance experience.

  • Share data between DealerRock and Priority 1
  • Reduced credit application time for customers
  • Better insights for your sales team during the finance process