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Release Notes

Release – Web Feeds & National Advertised Pricing

By October 14, 2022December 3rd, 2022No Comments

New Features / Updates Summary:

  • Web Feeds – Company units (for sale) now have an active “Web Feeds” tab. There are several fields within this tab that will allow us to generate live web feeds of your inventory to selected partners.
  • National Advertised Pricing – Ability to account for brand models with “National Advertised Pricing”.
  • Minor Features and Fixes


Units For Sale:

Web Feeds: As we expand our ability to integrate with other platforms and systems, we now have a web settings area for each company unit. This allows you to configure the unit for inclusion of these feeds. Units can be excluded from feeds or even set to push to specific sites only.

National Advertised Pricing – With manufactures introducing set pricing for certain models we needed the ability to support these pricing model. Options with the companies brand models can be set to fixed pricing instead of calculating pricing based on margin settings.

Minor Features and Fixes – Several minor enhancements and bug fixes were addressed.