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Release Notes

Release – Multiple Suppliers

By September 23, 2022December 3rd, 2022No Comments

New Features / Updates Summary:

  • UOM Added to Inventory Items – Inventory items now support a unit of measurement (UOM) field
  • Suppliers on Inventory Items – Inventory items now support multiple vendors (Suppliers) for the same SKU
  • Pack Conversions – As part of the supplier record you can setup pack conversions, allowing you to order in bulk



UOM Added to Inventory Items: You can now label how you track individual inventory items. Examples would be where you might sell rope by the “foot” or sell oil by the “quart”. If you do not define a UOM on an item it will default to “Each”.

Suppliers on Inventory Items: You can now define multiple suppliers on a single inventory item. This allows you to track multiple vendors for sourcing the same item in one area by viewing the inventory item details page. This means you can now order the same item from different places and receive it (via purchase order) into a single SKU. This feature even allows you to track a specific supplier code that the vendor uses.

Note – you can still add any item on a purchase order for any vendor. If the item is not associated to that vendor you will see a link below the item to “Add Supplier Info”. Adding this information will add that supplier information to that inventory item but it is not required.

Pack Conversions: As part of adding a supplier you can also set a Pack Size and Pack Qty. These fields will default to “Each” and “1” respectively, which is fine for 98% of your items. However what if you order in bulk – where you purchase a box of impellers but sell them individually? This feature allows you to set the Pack Size to something like “Box” and the Pack Qty to “12”. This would mean that when you receive (1) box from the vendor (12) would be added to inventory once it’s received. This helps you for items like:

  • Fluids – Ordering oil by the Drum but you sell oil by the quart
  • Filters / Impellers – Order them by the case but you sell them individually
  • Rope – Order a 200′ spool but it’s sold by the foot